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Top 10 Cruise Ships by Travel Professionals

Thinking about taking a cruise?  Having trouble deciding which ship is right for you? How would you like to ask a group of leading cruise professionals for their favorite cruise ship? Good News, I did it for you! I asked Cruise Holidays' Travel Professionals to tell me their favorite cruise ship with 3 reasons that make their favorite cruise ship stand out from all the … [Read More...]

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Holland America Alaska Cruises

Kids Cruise FREE: Holland America Alaska Cruises!

Are you thinking about taking the entire family on an Alaska Cruise? You're not alone.  Multi-generational family cruising is growing and several reports show Alaska Cruises as the top US destination for 2015. I have great news for you: In Holland … [Read More...]

Single Parent Group Cruise 2015

Single Parents Group Cruise from SinglesCruise.com

Are you a Single Parent who LOVES to cruise? How would you like to cruise with a large group of other single parents? If yes, then keep reading: SinglesCruise.com is THE leader in Singles Group Cruising and their online community of single cruisers have … [Read More...]

South Beach Aerial Photo

48 Hour South Beach Review

From the time I entered the cruise industry in 2007, I've been traveling to Miami several times a year for meetings with cruise line reps and to cruise out of the Port of Miami. Until my most recent trip to Miami, I'd pretty much avoided going to South … [Read More...]