The Economy and your 2009 Vacation Plans

So is the economy impacting your 2009 vacation plans?  Believe it or not 2009 is not very far away.  In 2008, “Staycation” became a popular word because of the number of people that stayed close to home during vacations this year thanks to the super inflated gas prices.  Thanks to gas prices, the sub-prime meltdown, and other economic factor we are find ourselves in the middle of a Recession. 
There was what seemed to be a ground swell of mass optimism on Tuesday Night…has that changed your thoughts about your 2009 vacation?
It seems like in downturns that we actually work harder, longer, and have additional stress laid upon us because of the uncertainties.  During these times, it is more important than ever to take at least one vacation during the year to get away, relax and rejuvenate.  The good news is that when the economy is slow hotels, resorts, and cruises have to compete hard for your vacation dollar.  This can equate to deals of a lifetime.  
When I asked this question on Twitter: Is the economy impacting your 2009 vacation plans? I received a wide range of answers from no impact to we are putting on hold our travel plans to focus on the Business.  Transportation cost seems to be one of the most important factors in determining what people will do for their 2009 vacation.   The fluctuating value of the Dollar is impacting others decisions on whether or not Europe would be a good destination in 2009.  The value of the Dollar is actually strengthening compared to 2008, so Europe may end up being a good option for 2009, if you can find decent airfare. 

Lastly, THIS IS WHAT I KNOW:  Cruise Vacations have been the best value for vacations because 60% of the US can Drive to Cruise Ship.  The Cruise Price includes all of your food, entertainment on the ship, and the Transportation to different ports.   January, February, and March is what is known as WAVE season, this is when most people book their cruises for that year.  November and December are usually slow for Cruise Sales, so this is when you typically get the best deals for the following year.   So we are in the cyclical slow period of Cruise Sales in a down economy…Cruise Prices are lower than I have ever seen them.  A cruise price is locked in with a fully refundable deposit.  So if you are like most of the people that I have received responses from you are planning on going on Vacation next year and getting the best deal possible is very important.   I recommend you consider the value of a cruise vacation, and if you are considering a cruise vacation now is the best time to be looking for 2009!   – SSSHHH!!! I just gave you industry secrets!!!  ~ Rich Tucker

I received some great responses from Twitter on this topic, I would love to hear what you are thinking about your 2009 Vacation Plans!







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