Recent Costa Concordia Sinking Photos and Video



Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Capsized PhotoLate last night news broke that the Costa Concordia had run aground and Costa had to evacuate the cruise ship.  Original reports sounded like the Concordia was listing 20 degrees but would not sink.   The photos coming through on Twitter were tough to decipher due to it being dark and the potential for photos to be altered.

Now that the Sun is up in Italy, I’m sad to report that it looks like the Costa Concordia sits completely on her side off the shores of Giglio.   I’ve been so many cruises and had grown tired of the life boats drills…. unfortunately, those lifeboats and drills are truly necessity.   My thoughts and prayers go to the passengers and crew who had to experience this event first hand.

Concordai Photo off of Giglio Coast


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Costa Concordia Sinking Video

blue links are clickable to see videos:

Costa Concordia rescue helicopter  video from last night

Costa Conordia Video in the daylight:

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