11 Tips for Cruising on the Allure of the Seas

Family Pic with Kung Fu PandaMy family of 4 recently returned home from a 7-night cruise on the Allure of the Seas.  The size of the ship, number and quality of the shows, the amenities, and the variety of activities make it unlike any other cruise vacation.  From our 7-night adventure, here are my Allure of the Seas’ tips.  Allure of the Seas Photos are at the bottom of the post.



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 Allure of the Seas Tips

  1. Royal Connect:  The Allure of the Seas rents 1000 Iphones during each week of the cruise.  The cost per phone is $30 for the week.  While on board, the phones can call the other 1000 phones.  You can call the cabin phones with these Iphones.  They have GPS so you can see where the other phones are located.  These are great for staying connected with the family.  They sell out and cannot be pre-reserved.
  2. Walkie-Talkies: If you’re not going to rent the Iphones, I recommend getting some nice walkie-talkies that have a lot of channels to stay connected with your family. 
  3. Boardwalk Balcony Cabins:  I like these better than Oceanview Balcony cabins.  We could see the ocean from balcony, but day and night we could also people watch.  We were also isolated from the wind so sitting out there at night was very comfortable.  Tip:  If you have a Boardwalk Balcony, and plan on sleeping before 11PM, then bring earplugs because the aquatheater shows can run late.
  4. Central Park Balcony Cabins: For those who like to go bed early, or want a more peaceful people watching experience you may like the Central Park Balconies better than the Boardwalk Balconies.  There is no need for earplugs on these cabins.  There is also no view of the ocean.
  5. Connecting Balconies:  Our family had to side by side Boardwalk Balcony Cabins.  The center-piece between the balconies can be taken out making the balconies connecting.
  6. Ritas Cantina:  $3 per person cover charge and very reasonable al a’ carte pricing.  My wife and I did Fajitas for 2 for around $10.   Do you like Mexican Food, Margaritas, and a good Party?  Rita’s has 2 fiestas each week.  You have to make reservations for these parties.  From our balcony on those nights, it looked like everyone at the party was having a blast.
  7. Find all the included restaurants on day 1: On the first couple of days do not eat at the Windjammer buffet for lunch.  Most people are not familiar with the other included restaurants, so Windjammers is crowded.  Go to Sorrentos for Pizza or the Central Park Café for a Sandwhich Wrap.  For the number of people that the Allure of the Seas holds, I was expecting it feel more crowded.  Windjammers on the first couple of days were the only times it felt crowded.
  8. Breakfast: Our favorite FREE breakfast on the ship was at Johnny Rockets [Bacon, Egg, & Chees English Muffin & “The Works” Breakfast Potatoes].
  9. You will not get to everything:  The Allure of the Seas offers so many shows and activities that it is not possible to do it all in 7-days.   I never thought I would say that about a cruise ship.  We met several families who were on their 2nd Allure vacation due to not getting to everything the first year [not to mention they loved it].  Prioritize what you want to do, and don’t stress too much about not doing it all… plus you need to make sure you get in some relax time by the pool.
  10. Bring your Basketball Shoes: The Allure of the Seas offers competitive 3 on 3 Basketball, Volleyball, and Dodgeball tournaments on the large sports court for Adults and Teenagers.
  11. Eastern Caribbean Tips:  I wrote a separate post with family tips for the Allure of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Itinerary.


If you have any additional Allure of the Seas advice, please leave it in the comments!

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    Great tips Rich! We will be setting sail on the Allure of the Seas next Sunday. We’ve already made reservations for “Chicago,” but will now definitely make reservations for the comedy show and one of the fiestas at Rita’s!


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