“Fiscal Cliff” avoided just in time for Wave Season


cruiseSource-twitterIconRegardless of how you feel about the specifics of the deal that has prevented the US falling over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’, just the headlines of it being avoided is good for consumer confidence.

Fiscal Cliff avoided for Wave Season

For those of us in the cruise industry, this is the most important time for consumers to feel positive about the certainty of the future.   Today, kicks off the 2013 wave season which runs from January – March each year.  It is our peak-season for new bookings – about 60% of bookings for the year are made during wave season.

“I’d argue that leisure travel had the most to gain or lose from the timing of the ‘fiscal cliff'” – Rich Tucker

With this news and the booking activity that we saw the last week of 2012, I’m expecting a fairly strong wave season.  I’m not the only one expecting this news to boost the cruise industry, as of 9:43 AM the markets have driven up the stock price of Royal Caribbean stock 3.13%.

I know there will be more hurdles to come and that there are many more factors that impact the economy. but not striking a deal on the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ would have been a devastating blow for the cruise industry.

If you are looking at booking a 2013 peak season cruise and have not booked yet, then you will want to book now.  Typically the further we get into wave season, the less great deals that will be available for peak season cruises.

There are some non-peak cruises that you can wait on for last-minute deals.  I recommend working with travel professional when trying decide the best time to book your cruise.

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Don’t know if your cruise is peak season? 

If you’re looking at a specific 2013 cruise and have a question about the best time to book it to get the best deal, please leave it in the comments and I will tell you when I think the best time to book it is.

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note: I’m not giving any recommendation on whether or not to buy Royal Caribbean stock.   Just as I recommend working with a travel professional when booking your cruise vacations, I recommend working with a financial professional when making investment decisions.


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