Great Value: Princess 15-night Hawaii Cruise roundtrip San Francisco

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Research shows that if you can drive to the San Francisco port then the 15 night Princess Hawaii Cruise departing San Francisco is a great value when compared to flying from San Francisco to Hawaii and staying at a resort.

Price research below:  15 night Princess Hawaii Cruise vs flying to Hawaii and staying at a Hawaiian Resort.


15 nt Princess Hawaii Cruise departing San Francisco

The 15 night Grand Princess Hawaii cruise departing San Francisco on April 25th, 2013 starts at $1,199* + tax per person. The total price for 2 including all taxes is $2,609.14.  Click to view full itinerary. 

The Grand Princess Cruise spends 4 days visiting the Hawaiian Islands and one day in Ensenada, Mexico.

Compared to the alternative:
R/T Airfare to Honolulu from San Francisco $416 per person = $832
Hotel for 2 $250 per night x 5nts = $1,250
Food for 15 days $100 per person per day = $1,500

Total Price for flight and resort: $3582

I factored in a hotel for 5 nights because to get 4 full days in Hawaii you’d need a hotel night stay. For 15 days on the cruise, all meals are included. I averaged $50 per person per day for the meals. In Hawaii, food is expensive, so the savings per day could be much higher.

Other Benefits of the 15 night Hawaii Cruise:

The cruise visits 4 different Hawaiian ports. Visiting multiple islands on a non-cruise vacation would cost $500 per stop. So, that is another $1,500 in savings.

It’s a 15 night vacation. And for cruisers who love sea days, it includes 10 of them. Every night on the cruise, there will be free entertainment.

For retirees and others with flexible schedules, these extended cruise vacations is a great way to extend your vacation dollar.

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Author note: Rich Tucker is the founder of CruiseSource and a leading cruise price analyst regularly quoted in publications like NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc…

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*Rates are subject to change and are accurate at time of publishing. 


  1. says

    It seems as each month goes by, there are better and better cruise deals appearing with some great incentives. This is just an example of such cruise deals. Thanks for sharing!

    • says


      Thanks for commenting!! This is an awesome deal.. but my latest round of cruise deal researching did find that a lot of the prices have slowly started creeping up. It is still very much a buyers market, but as we get further into this year’s wave season [between now and end of March] the deals will be hard to come by for cruise that is close to peak season or has a unique itinerary.

  2. Craig says

    This looks like a great deal. My question is how does food work? Do we need to pay for each meal? Are there additional costs such as port taxes or anything?

    • says

      Thank you for commenting on!

      The total price for 2 people including all taxes for this cruise is $2,609.14.
      That includes all your meals onboard the Grand Princess. – there are specialty dining restaurant that if you choose to eat that will cost you a cover charge… but the dining that is included in your price on Princess is Excellent!

      The only thing not included in the $2,609.14 is your gratuities.
      On a 15 night cruise for 2, tips will be a little over $300 total.
      The tips go to your cabin steward, waitstaff, maître de, etc.

      Anything you do on the islands will be additional costs. In Hawaii, we did everything from helicopter tours of the volcanoes to just relaxing on the beach. In Kauai, the ATV Tour was awesome if you are into a little adventure [nothing too crazy].

      Please call 800.668.6414. One of our Cruise Consultant will assist you in booking and also answer any questions that you may have about the cruise.

      Thanks, Rich

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