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Mountains en route to Salzburg, Austria

On some river cruise itineraries, travelers can choose side trips, such as a visit to Salzburg

River cruising, as you may know, is one of the hottest trends sweeping the travel industry. It’s an astounding, exciting development, and would you believe that this week alone there are at least 14 river cruise ships that are being christened in Europe?

Now, Cruise Holidays, the first travel agency franchisor to provide a franchise-wide cruise sweepstakes on Facebook, is the first travel agency franchisor to provide a franchise-wide river cruise sweepstakes! This means the sweepstakes is available not only on our corporate headquarters’ Facebook site, but it’s also being run on about 40 independently owned and operated Cruise Holidays Facebook pages across North America. We are so thrilled to be offer this to our loyal clientele as well as new friends who’ve just come across our Facebook page or website. One entry is accepted per person, and the entries are accepted through March 31, 2013. The drawing will be held April 8, 2013.

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The grand prize winner will be treated to a European river cruise, courtesy of AmaWaterways and Cruise Holidays. You will have your choice of two itineraries — “Christmas On the Rhine” or a “Christmas Time Cruise” (Danube) to enjoy the beauty of Europe during the 2013 holiday season! Experience Christmas markets and all the history, culture and excitement of Europe!

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Store window with Christmas lights in Nuremburg

Beautiful holiday scene in Nuremburg

Early trends indicate there are two types of river cruisers – those who are avid cruisers but want to try something a little different, and those who have never cruised but think river cruising would be an interesting way to “tour” a destination.

1. Avid cruisers who want something different

These are the folks who’ve been to the Caribbean perhaps a few times – maybe they’ve cruised Alaska, Europe and the South Pacific. They’ve done the Western Mediterranean and also the East. Now let’s say they want to visit Prague, Nuremberg and Budapest, but are don’t want to deal with the complexities of booking multiple hotels, or don’t want to do a cookie-cutter tour. A river cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the things they love most about cruising while seeing a new part of the world in style!

2. Never cruised, but see this as a unique “tour” opportunity

I have a couple family members who fit into this category. They envision themselves, rightly or wrongly, as the types who “don’t need a tour guide” and want to explore the world. One example of this would be my aunt. She is taking a European river cruise this summer because she heard about it from a friend. A baby boomer herself, she’s just now starting to explore the world on a grander scale and doesn’t want organized tours. For her first trip to Europe, she sees this as the ideal way to explore multiple countries, enjoy deluxe accommodations and meals, maybe partake in one of the complimentary tours, but also have time to herself to just step off the boat and explore the town centers. I venture to bet many of our readers fit a very similar mindset.

Use a travel agent to book a river cruise

Of course, the final piece is that with the explosion in popularity of river cruising, there is a growing amount of confusion about which river to cruise, which river cruise line is best, and so on. Luckily, Cruise Holidays has been strongly tapped into the river cruise boom for at least the past four or five years – and for some of our agents, even longer.

Many of our owners and agents have taken at least one river cruise so they can better understand the product, and we have several locations that have chosen river cruising as the primary focus of their business. Yes, they live, sleep, eat and breathe river cruises!

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If you have any questions about river cruising, please don’t hesitate to visit our Facebook page where we’ve been busily posting photos and promoting river cruising with gusto this month. Or, go to and use our agent locator to find the Cruise Holidays expert nearest you.

Finally, thank you to Ann-Marie Gaudet, franchise owner of Cruise Holidays of Metro East, for providing the fabulous photos for today’s post! You can visit her Facebook page or website here.

Happy cruising and happy exploring!


Exploring a quiet street in Regensburg

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