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Blue Ribbon Bags | A new service to help travelers worry less about lost luggage:

Last year, The New York Times wrote an article about luggage problems in the transportation industry outlining that while the Department of Transportation reported a lower rate of lost, delayed or damaged bags in 2012, this report did not include smaller regional carriers or bags that went missing during international flights.  This is why everyone stands at the baggage carousel in fear that they are about to have the dreaded travel experience: their bag will not come out.

A few years ago, Daniel Levine was one of the travelers who experienced this headache when his suitcase was one of the two million pieces of luggage that get lost, stolen, delayed or damaged every year. His headache began after he realized he would have no clothing or bathing suit for his trip, and would have to spend money replacing it all.   After he spent 45 minutes, on 3 separate occasions with the airline who lost his luggage (from abroad, costing a small fortune), and dealt with filing a lengthy and time consuming claim, the headache was solidified when he received the news that we would be getting $250 as compensation for his lost luggage- barely an eighth of what his suitcase’s contents were worth.

The minute that Levine came back from his trip he immediately contacted Gabriel Menkin, his business partner, and they started researching baggage insurances, and soon after they founded the company Blue Ribbon Bags.

Blue Ribbon Bags is a service which provides replacement of your bags by charging $5, per person per round trip or one way ticket, to receive $1000, per bag, in the event that your luggage is lost and not returned within four days of your flight landing. There are also options where you can spend $7.50 or $10 and get back $1500 or $2000.

The best part about this service is that no baggage content lists or receipts are required to receive payment. All you have to do is call the 24 hour hotline (888-BAGGAGE) and you then you get a check- no questions asked, and the 5th day after your flight lands.

Another benefit is that this service can be purchased up until the moment before a flight takes off.  In addition, the $5 covers every bag you take on the plane, including last minute check-ins at the gate.  So if you think you’re carrying your bag on the plane, but ultimately get forced to check it, you can still make sure you have peace of mind when that flight takes off.  That way when you get to the baggage carousel, you might even be rooting for your bag not to show up.

Luggage loaded on to plane

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